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Dori-Dori basic embossing baby(wet wipes)

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  • Materialspan lace(rayon and polyester blended)

[Jaywave Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Dori-Dori Basic Embossing

Weight : 55g
Type1 : Refill(Sticker) and Cap
Type2 : Embossing
Sheets : 80 sheets
Size : 160*200mm
Fabric : 1. manufactured with Lenzing of Austria.
            2. Manufactured with the latest Machine of France.
Water : Purified water through 6 stages.
Ingredient : 1. Organic Aloe Vera.
                  2. Organic Chamomile.
                  3. Organic Rosemary

Factory : Cleaning room and Facility based on CGMP(Cosmetic Good Manufaturing Practices)
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도리도리-베이직-엠보-55g-캡닫힘-80매 copy.jpg

도리도리-베이직-엠보-55g-캡열림-80매 copy.jpg

도리도리-베이직-엠보-55g-리필-80매 copy.jpg